The Morgan Foundation What We Do

There exists a crucial need for increased medical research of the biological genesis of eating disorders and then effectively treating those causes. To this end, the Foundation intends through marketing, advertising and fundraising mainly in the private sector to raise grant funding for this research.

To further these ends, The Morgan Foundation’s is partnering with the Light Up to Live Foundation and Operation Rock The Troops, a military non-profit foundation. Light Up To Live is also the name of a 90-minute documentary movie based on 5 military veterans, each of whom suffers from severe PTSD and/or Traumatic Brain Injury. These veterans were treated using the power of light therapy, from In Light Medical, which is FDA cleared for increased circulation and decrease of pain (

Each of the veterans had brain scans conducted before and after undergoing the laser light therapy. They all showed increases of blood flow and electrical activity after receiving the treatment. Each of the veterans reported improvement in their symptoms, from mild improvement to significant. Another significant benefit was that they were also weaned off of the prescription medication they were dependent upon.

Scientists believe the same part of the brain is impacted by eating disorders. We intend to complete the protocol to utilize this treatment on persons suffering from eating disorders and to start treatment in the immediate future.

We strongly believe in the possibilities this treatment protocol could bring to those suffering from eating disorders.  If this Light Therapy is even partially effective, or shows the same success rate as it showed with the military veterans affected by PTSD and TBI, then the treatment protocol for those who suffer from eating disorders will be dramatically modernized and improved and the dependency on the pharmaceutical industry will end.

The Morgan Foundation also recognizes the need for equitable treatment for those persons afflicted with eating disorders. As such, the Morgan Foundation is endorsing legislation requiring companies that provide group health benefit plans to include eating disorder treatment within those plans and to include objective guidelines and criteria when considering the overall medical and mental health needs of the individual.