The Morgan Foundation is named for Morgan Claire Dunn. In the last 7 years of her 23 years of life, Morgan battled various eating disorders. She was gravely ill a number of times. And yet, the fight remained within her … not just for herself, but for others.

Morgan was one of those rare souls who brightened everyone’s day – and fought to help others, even when she could not help herself. In one of her journals, she wrote, “I can help so many others, I just can’t seem to be able to save myself.”

In honor of Morgan’s fighting spirit, the love in her heart and courage in her soul, we are continuing her fight. And we too will fight until our last breath so that no mother, no father, will be left holding the hand of their beloved child as that child takes their last breath of life as a result of an eating disorder.

Saving Lives … One Precious Life at a Time.